Bicycle route – Mykulychynskyi

Length of the route: 12 km
Highest point: 809 meters
Total climb: 268 m
Cycling time: 2 hours
Starting place: “Bicycle” bike
Sign color: blue

This scenic route of difficulty can be considered average.

We leave the main highway in the center of the village. During the first part of the route, the road goes up almost all the time, only the slope changes. A trained cyclist will be able to overcome everything in the saddle, and newcomers will probably have to pass some of it. From the valleys, which you will find yourself in about half an hour, the magnificent views of the surrounding mountains open, and the locals can enjoy fresh milk. At the top, near the base of the mobile operator’s base, the route will go down into the valley of the Prutets Chemyhivsky River. You will have a wonderful and fairly safe downhill dirt road, and you will have to stop from time to time – the meadows are sufficiently barred by fences so that cattle do not run into the forest.

When cycling in a group, it is advisable to follow these tactics when descending from the mountain valleys: one member of the group pulls forward to open the gate, and when everyone passes it closes. Another cyclist is responsible for the next obstacle, and so on. This minimizes the number of stops and adds to the fun of the descent.

In the valley of the river, our “blue” route merges with the “red”. And here are two options – either a straight asphalt road back to Mykulychyn, or turn deep into the woods and head along the river – the path where there was once a narrow-gauge railway. The choice is yours!

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