Bicycle route – Presidential, on the Hook Falls

Length of the route: 20 km
Total height set: 150 m
Cycling time: 2 hours
Starting place: “Bicycle” bike
Sign color: green

Absolutely easy walking route, almost completely paved by roads. The route from Mykulychyn towards Tatarov, pointers point to the right, on a narrow asphalt road. It brings to the bank of the river Genets, along which we move further.

The wonderful mountain nature is complemented by other attractions – estates of our country’s political and business figures. The winter residence of ex-President Yushchenko was also hidden among the arms.

Be careful not to miss the pointers! A turn to the right leads to a waterfall. In addition to this facility, it is worthwhile to find time for the farm meadow tours where sheep are raised and cheese is cooked according to ancient Hutsul recipes. In general, it is a great route for those who do not want to “pedal” the pedal, but just want to rest and breathe the fresh air. Enjoy!

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