Cycle Route – Old Railway

Length of the route: 15 km
Highest point: 690 m
Total height set: 150 m
Cycling time: 2.5 hours
Starting place: “Bicycle” bike
Sign color: red

This very easy and pleasant route has no steep ascents. The climb here is slow and stealthy, and much of the road is paved with very little car traffic. All these circumstances make this destination ideal for those who first set out on a mountain bike, as well as for family bike rides.

According to the name, the route was laid down a path where, in the 1960s, a narrow-gauge road was used to transport harvested forest from the mountains to the valley. After another flood that destroyed the bridges, the authorities decided not to rebuild this railway. Today, unfortunately, you will not find a railroad here anymore – the locals quickly found application to all rails and sleepers in their own farms. However, the attentive tourist will be able to see many signs that once traveled there: well-visible railway embankments and corridors in the forest thickets that can be cycled. The most monumental sight of the railway is the remains of a stone bridge that runs along both banks of the river. You should be careful not to miss this interesting object at speed!

At the end of the route, at the confluence of the two rivers, there is a great place for a break or even a picnic. Those who have the strength and inspiration can not stop, but go deep into the mountains and look at the existing oil fields. However, there is no tourist sign – so it is worth using a map and inquiring from local residents.

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