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Traveling through the Carpathians on a bicycle, you will plunge into the atmosphere of the picturesque mountains, where you will be charmed by the nature, fresh air of the Carpathians, which invigorates the feeling and renews health, magical scenery, mountain rivers and forests, picturesque corners of Western Ukraine, Hutsul hospitable culture. Romance and bright emotions await you in our cycling tour of the Carpathians!

Cycling with a village in green countryside farmhouses with all modern conditions, delicious home-cooked Ukrainian cuisine are the main ingredients of a wonderful holiday. Interesting routes of this tour, roads, trails and ridges will reveal to you the most beautiful corners, acquaint with architectural monuments, help you to get rid of and relax from the gray and everyday life of city everyday life. Enjoy a great holiday with us in the Carpathian cycling tours.

The advantages of our region are that there are no mosquitoes and ticks, a comfortable temperature for riding, healthful air, there are spring water and berries on the routes. All for a good holiday!


Tour program:

Mileage, pace and travel time are for people with average training. Experienced bikers and beginners need to adjust to most participants in the mid-level training group.

Daily routine:
09:00 – 09:30 – Breakfast
09:30 – 10:00 – Meeting
10:00 – 10:15 – Cycling
16:00 – 17:00 – Return to base
17:00 – 18:00 – Shower, hand-washing
18:00 – 19:00 – Dinner
19:00 – 23:00 – Free time

In your free time, you can order a sauna or visit the kolyba (Hutsul restaurant), visit the Mykulychyn craft brewery and try craft beer. If you want more extreme – you can ride a quad bike or raft on a mountain river. Or choose a horseback ride *

* Leisure entertainment is not included in the cost of the tour.

* Leisure entertainment is not included in the cost of the tour.


Day 01 :
Day 1

Mykulychyn – Waterfall Guk – Tatars – Vorokhta – Mykulychyn

Morning. Arrival by train to Ivano-Frankivsk, transfer to Mykulychyn. We settle in the estates, breakfast, fees. After familiarizing ourselves with safety precautions, we go by bicycle to Guk Falls along the “Presidential” route. The next part of the route is Vorokhta with long stone bridges – viaducts. They were built during the Austrian Empire, in 1894. In Vorokhta, thrill-seekers will enjoy an air extreme zip-line (video) , which allows them to fly 700 meters above the ground. Then we return with the best impressions to Mikulichin.
At the end of the tour, let’s look at Uncle Yuri for a tasting of honey, wines, liquors and tinctures on Carpathian herbs and roots.

Chips of the day:
Guk waterfall: in the Carpathians, local residents call the Guk waterfalls because they are loud and can be heard from afar. Located a few kilometers from Mykulychyn, in an extremely beautiful area. The narrow road along the stream will be work for your cameras. A small river that falls from a height of 15 meters with a loud noise is called Zhenets. Curved geological strata of rocks add to the waterfall mysticism.
Railway arch bridge (viaduct): in Vorokhta there is also one of the oldest and longest stone arch bridges in Europe (130 m), one of the arches is 65 m long. This famous railway bridge was built in 1894 and served until 2000. One of the most ancient temples of wooden architecture of the 17th century – the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary – was preserved in Vorokhta. It was built in 1615, when Vorokhta was still a village of the village of Mikulichin, and among other Hutsul temples of the same type, it is distinguished by the most perfect proportions and harmonious forms.

The relief is mountainous, asphalt 90% / soil / stone. Length 45 km.

Day 02 :
Day 2

Yamna – Yaremche – Dora – Mykulychyn

We wake up in the morning, have breakfast and go to Yaremche, see the waterfall Breakthrough, aviary with deer and wild boars, waterfall Maiden’s tears, the monastery of the Prophet Illy. We will not forget to look at the souvenir market, we will see majestic rocks with Gothic folds, which with their outlines resemble a giant elephant. After the journey we return to our place of residence.  (вiдео)

The most interesting place of the day: the most interesting place in Yaremche is the eight-meter step waterfall Probiy, over which a pedestrian bridge over the Prut River is thrown. Not far from the bridge is the Hutsul market, where you can buy various souvenirs made by local craftsmen, and crossing the bridge to the other side of the river, we will get to the architectural monument – the restaurant “Hutsulschyna”. On the outskirts of the village on the side of the village. The Yamna can be reached by the Dovbush rocks with the trail of the same name. Local rocks and caves are littered with legends of the famed leader of opryshka.

Mountain relief, 90% asphalt / soil / stone. Length 40 km.

Day 03 :
Day 3

Polyanytsya – Bukovel – Mykulychyn

Breakfast, today we have the equator of our tour (most tourists come for five days), we will spend it without loads, because tomorrow we are expected to climb the mountains. Now let’s take a ride for the pleasure of the most modern ski resort in Ukraine – Bukovel. In Tatar we will stop at the mass grave of Austrian soldiers with a monument of the First World War. At Bukovel we have 2-3 hours of free time for fun where you will be able to climb the lift to the observation deck, from where you can admire the beautiful views of Hoverla and the mysterious Gorgans you can go down the Bukovel Hills. In the warm season it is possible to swim in the lake. Bukovel has a velvet ski season until May, so you can leave your bikes, ski, and ride.

Interests of the day:
Bukovel: Ukraine’s youngest and most growing ski resort. There is a bike park in Bukovel, three cycle routes of varying difficulty with a total length of about 11 km. Creating a bike park in Bukovel was helped by Jaroslav Lukan, director and creator of a bike park in the Czech Republic. (video)

Mountain relief, 95% asphalt / soil / stone. Length 50 km.

Day 04 :
Day 4

Voronenko – Berkut Pass – Yablunytsya – Mykulychyn

Breakfast, we quickly set out not to be late for the 10:00 train, which will take us a few stops before the start of our next route. It begins at the border between the Ivano-Frankivsk and Transcarpathian regions, in the village. Voronenko. The route runs along the old Polish-Czechoslovak border at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. to the Golden Eagle Pass. An unforgettable downhill trip awaits us from the pass.

Interests of the day:
Yablunytsya Pass (Tatar Pass): height – 931 m above sea level. It is located on the territory of Hutsulschyna, on the border of Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankivsk region, on the southwestern outskirts of the village of Yablunytsya. Through the Yablunytsky Pass in the 13th century. passed to southwestern Europe Mongol-Tatar horde (hence the second name). On the pass is a large souvenir market, known in the Carpathians and throughout Ukraine. Here you can buy unique products of folk craftsmen in leather, fur and wool, ceramics, metal, wood.

Mountain relief, soil / stone / asphalt 60%. Length 40 km.

Day 05 :
Day 5

Canyon – Oil fields – Mykulychyn

Breakfast. Getting on our bikes, we quickly get into a fabulous place of stone and water – this is a canyon of the river Prutets-Chemegovsky. (video) Here it is worth lingering, like among large cliffs and rocks, covered with moss of various colors. If the weather permits, you can buy. Then we follow the road along the canyon to the place where the tanker is filled with oil, after which the black gold is transported to the Nadvirna oil refinery. Along the way we will see the historic residence of the Ukrainian liberation movement, where the legendary USS centurion Hryhoriy Golynsky, who fought and died for our freedom, lived. Having reached the last house of the village without electricity and other benefits of civilization, we return to our comfortable place of residence.

Interests of the day:
Canyon on the Prutets-Chemegovsky River : A stone canyon has been formed along the Prutets River, extending for many kilometers and striking in its beauty. Moving along the canyon, we will see its diverse nature, the extraordinarily rich vegetation that has grown there in its stone walls. Along the canyon are the remains of an old narrow-gauge railway that once transported forest.
Remains of the Austrian dam: clause (German klause – “gorge”) – a hydraulic structure designed to alloy the forest with low-water Carpathian mountain rivers. (video)

Mountain relief, soil / stone / asphalt 40%. Length 35 km.

Day 06 :
Day 6

Rocks Church – Rokita Mountain – meadows – Makovytsya Mountain – Mykulychyn

We have breakfast in the morning and get on our bikes again. The route starts at the bridge over the river Prutets. Along the river we move to the rocks of the Church, the asphalt ends quickly, and the difficult climb to the mountain begins, but the difficulties help us to forget the berries that grow on both sides of the road. Next we go to Rokita Mountain. Here in the Hutsul hut we get to know the shepherds and taste authentic Polonin cheese (buds, wurds) and butter. At the top we take pictures, have lunch and move through the picturesque valleys to Mount Makovytsya, descend into Yamna and go to our place of residence.

Interests of the day:
Mount Church (Church): made by a powerful rock.
Rokita Mountain (1111 m asl): (video) In clear weather, almost half of Hutsulschyna and even its “gate” are visible from the Rokita Mountain, the Pokutsky city of Kolomyia, as well as the regional center of Prykarpattya – Ivano-Frankivsk. And from the other peaks it can be surely found beyond a clear landmark – a powerful relay tower.
Mount Makovytsia: The summit of Makovytsia and its slopes are crippled by trenches of trenches dug during the First and Second World Wars. There were heavy fighting. And on the Mount Smerichok, one of the peaks of the ridge, stretching from the village of Delyatyn and the summit of Maleva to the summit of Lysina-Kosmatskaya, many Romanian soldiers were killed by Russian artillery fire. Residents from nearby villages go to Mount Smerichok to pray. Shooting shells from rifles and guns are still being found, and the shells of cannon shells are used as anvils for riveting braids.

Mountain relief, soil / stone / asphalt 5%. Length 25 km.

Day 07 :
Day 7

The forest of Lisniv – meadows – Mykulychyn

We have breakfast and go to the mountain range. Around the forest, berries, mushrooms. After a long ascent, we reach the forest of Lisnov (1256 m asl), then go along a ridge, overcoming its peaks, which for this give us exciting descents. From the tops of the ridge magnificent views of Gorgany and the entire Montenegrin ridge open. (video)
There we are photographed for a souvenir and return to the farmstead where we dine before the drive home. Then, having received the best impressions and a lot of positive energy, we head to Ivano-Frankivsk.

Interests of the day:
Wonderful views: Endless expanses of mountain forests and meadows will open to your eyes.
Gorgans: a system of mountain ranges in the outer lane of the Ukrainian Carpathian troughs, located in the Ivano-Frankivsk and Transcarpathian regions. They extend 75 km from the northwest of the valley of Mizunka and the River, southeast to the valley of Prut, and their width from west to east is 40 km.

Mountain relief, soil / stone / asphalt 10%. Length 35 km.

The price includes:

– Accommodation in green tourism estates (by hostel type) Photo
– Meals (breakfast, dinner) at the place of residence, sandwiches on the go
– Instructor support
– Accident insurance

The price does not include:

– Bicycle rental and equipment (helmet) bike rental
– Drive to Ivano-Frankivsk
– Travel from Ivano-Frankivsk to Mykulychyn – 65 UAH.
– Broken bicycle parts.
– Washing of a personal bicycle by a kercher – 30 UAH. \ one sink
– Firewood for barbecue – 50 UAH. \ one basket
– Heating (May-September) – 200 UAH. \one day
– Brewed coffee in turkey – 10 UAH. \ one potter
– Machine wash – 50 UAH. \ single download
Optionally during the tour:
– Entrance tickets to the Carpathian National Park, museums, aviaries – 20 UAH.
– Jump jump (rope jump) – 200 UAH. Video
– Carpathians in miniature park museum – 30 UAH. Photo
– Zip line (700 m) – 120 UAH. Video
Entertainment in Bukovel:
– The lift in Bukovel – 105 UAH.
– Water club – 350 UAH. Photo
– Lake of Youth in Bukovel – 55 UAH. Lake photo
– Bukovel Hills – 250 UAH. Video
– Bicycle park (on a Bukovel bike rental) Photo
At your request in your free time:
– Sauna 400 UAH \ 2 h. Sauna photo
– Chan 1000 UAH \ 2 h. Chan photo
– ATVs 800 UAH \ 1 hour
– Trip to Mountains Off-Road (UAZ) mountains – 1000 UAH. Trip photo
– Beer and kvass tasting at the Hutsul beer 1l – 30 UAH. Brewery photo
– Bee therapy on the hive beds – 150 UAH \ 2 h.
– Fishing (trout) 1 kg. – 200 UAH.
– Rafting on the Black Cheremosh River 380 UAH \ 1 alloy (1-1,5 hours on water). Tours

Frequently asked questions - For radial tours

What do you need to do to get into the group?
You can find the registration procedure for participants in the “Participation Details”.

How to get to the Veloride base?
By train to Ivano-Frankivsk. Take a shuttle bus to Bukovel, Vorokhta or Yasinya right by the train station. Ask the bus driver to stop in Mykulychyn near the church. Walk further 100 meters to the bike rental sign.

How to avoid significant delays in cycling?
Call your instructor and arrange your arrival the day before the bike tour.

How many people are already in the group, what is the composition and age of the participants?
The bike ride will happen anyway! No need to worry about it. When the decision is made, submit an application, prepare things and buy tickets. The exact number of participants is usually made known a few days before the start of the tour, so we will find out a little earlier than you. As for the composition and age of the participants, the group is selected completely spontaneously, so it is never known in advance who will be your partner in the team. I can assure you only one thing: such active tours attract only interesting and extraordinary people, so you will definitely meet like-minded people there. After all, such attracts the like.

What is the procedure for payment for participation?
Payment for the tour is paid upon arrival at the starting point of the route p. Mykulychyn. To reserve a place on the tour, you submit an application to participate in the tour, if you have available seats you will receive an answer, after which you will need to make an advance payment.

Is it difficult or easy to hike?
“I have no experience – will I manage?” Everything is relative. The Carpathians is a mountainous area. It will be easy (on the slopes) and difficult (on the ascents). And that is the whole point of active rest: the body is well-trained and wellness, while all the unnecessary flying out of your head, and your mind and mind are perfectly rested and restored. As for the last question … Yes, you can handle it provided that you make such a decision in advance. Otherwise it cannot be – this rule works in any sphere of our life. Cycling is designed for ordinary people, that is, you do not need to be an athlete in order to go cycling. Every day the level of the route will be gradually complicated, the sixth and seventh day will be routes for experienced cyclists. If you like to pedal all day looking into the asphalt, this tour is not for you.

How is the nutrition of participants resolved?
We have home-made Ukrainian cuisine, breakfasts and dinners based on natural products. When we’re on the go, lunch will consist of fresh sandwiches. Homemade food served on our base is prepared in the best traditions of Carpathian cuisine, which has long been famous for its excellent taste, variety of traditional dishes of natural products, and also known for its large portions. Excellent recuperation after active rest. For breakfast, you can make pancakes with cheese, scrambled eggs, various salads, and at lunch, make sandwiches made with us at home. Dinner also consists of home-cooked meals. On the menu we have all garnishes, dumplings, mushroom soup, pancakes, banush, borscht, fried potatoes, mashed potatoes, salads. On your way through the settlements, if you wish, you can visit the Hutsul restaurant and enjoy the flavor and service, national cuisine. But this will not be included in the cost of the tour – we provide you with food on the base and on the way. Breakfasts and dinners at the base and sandwiches on the go are included in the cost of the bike ride! There is always the possibility of adjusting, for example, for vegetarians.

What roads will we take?
We will be moving on asphalt as well as dirt roads and forest paths. The Carpathian Mountains are a mountainous area, so you often have to climb up and, accordingly, descend carefully. In some areas you even have to walk and push your bike, climbing stone stairs to the next summit, which offers breathtaking views.
We will follow the roads along the edge of the road, without interfering with motor transport, and accordingly it will not interfere with us.

Will there be electricity at the place of residence?
The estates have electricity, 220 volts.

Will there be WI-FI at the place of residence?
There is WI-FI at the place of residence but the coverage area does not cover the whole area and possible interruptions to the Internet.

Will there be a mobile connection on the route?
Mobile communication is stable on the base. There may be interruptions along the route. In the Carpathian Mountains, a more stable connection is established at the tops, but in the lowlands it may not be at all. All Ukrainian GSM operators provide roaming in Ukraine. As a rule, cellular operators have several partners. Which of them is better to connect to is better to ask before leaving your office. At the same time, find out if you have international roaming service included. Alternatively, you can buy a seven-card from any Ukrainian mobile carrier in the Carpathians.

What are some things to take with you?
The list of personal belongings is on the Details page of participation in the list of necessary personal belongings.

What currency to bring?
The national currency of Ukraine is the hryvnia. But take the one you have: rubles (RUR), dollars (USD) or euros (EUR). The exchangers are near the train station in Ivano-Frankivsk, but they open after 9:00. In the Carpathians, it will also be possible to exchange currency in Yaremche, Vorokhta or Bukovel, but only on weekdays, all banks are closed on weekends. According to the laws of Ukraine, a passport must be provided when exchanging currencies.

What weather is expected in the Carpathians during the cycling trip?
The climate in the Carpathians is quite variable. In the morning, the sun may shine, rain will fall in the afternoon, and by the evening the sun will come out again from the clouds, so you should bring your clothes in case of heat and cold. Fluctuations in temperature are also very sharp, daytime can reach 25 heat, and in the night it drops to +10. We choose clothes on the day of the trip, in any case we bring with us light raincoats.

What to do in case of rain?
There are many options – depending on the situation. If we haven’t left the base, we can either wait for the rain to end or leave for the raincoats. In case of severe weather, at the request of the group, we stay at the base and choose what to do (roast kebabs under cover or something else). If we are already on the road, we find shelter, and when the rain is not heavy, then we continue our journey in the rain or shorten the route and return.

The instructor does not control the weather, does not depend on it, whether it will rain, whether it is hot or cold, so let’s not spoil his mood.

What are the prices for food, souvenirs, etc., how much money to bring?
It is better to take more money than you expect to spend – you can always bring the excess back. I will voice here the opinion of the famous traveler Y. Senkevich. Asked to give advice to those going on a trip, he said, “Take half as much stuff and twice as much money …”

Can I come with my bike?
Of course, you can come with your bike and gear. The cost of the tour will be cheaper.

Which bike can you get on?
1. The bike should be designed for off-road riding (mountain bike, mountain bike, MTB).
2. The bicycle must be functional; the technical condition of all parts should not be doubted, and it is advisable to replace the doubtful ones with new ones, or to bring with them. (The nearest bike shop is 70 km away).

Do not take a bicycle (bicycle bag), as the bicycle often has to be lifted or carried, and it is not convenient with the wheel. It is better to take a small backpack for sweaters, jackets and sandwiches.

It is advisable not to take contact pedals – as practice has shown, it is dangerous to health. Unless you have a lot of experience with pedals.

How to transport a bicycle by train? Collect it in Ivano-Frankivsk?
Bikes are driven in a cover.

Is it possible to get from Ivano-Frankivsk to Mykulychyn by bus with bicycle?
Yes, maybe. People come to us often by bicycle bus. But you need to approach the driver and agree how you will carry the bike in the trunk – whether disassembled or otherwise. Often people arrive on Friday: they leave by Ivano-Frankivsk by bicycle or Lviv by passenger train Lviv-Rakhiv, arriving to us on Friday at 21.30.

How is bicycle protection organized along the route?
Most of the route does not need to park your bike somehow. In the case of excursions in crowded places, bicycles are left to the instructor or usually to the guards at the entrance. Bicycles are stored in turnkey bicycles at the base.

What is a hut?
It is a wooden shepherds’ house built by locals in the mountains and is a great hiding place for tourists. Even so-called roadside restaurants where there is open fire. Hospitality in the Carpathians is unlimited, especially in the mountains you will always be greeted by local shepherds and residents of Hutsul region!

At what age can you go cycling? Are there discounts for children?
Participants must be 14 years old. No discounts.

Do I need to borrow any extra money?
You can count on 100-200 UAH. a day for your personal needs, because most of all you will want to buy yourself juice, water or some souvenir on the way. Only the entrance ticket for sightseeing tours is paid separately.

What is the health care of the campaign?
The instructor has a standard first aid kit. But everyone is required to have their first aid kit with an individual set of medicines.
If the tour participants are removed from the route as a result of an injury caused by failure to comply with the rules of behavior on the bicycle, or refusal of their own accord, the tour will not be refunded.

Who is Hutsuli?
Hutsuli is an ethnographic group of Ukrainians living in the Carpathians, descendants of the most ancient tribe of chronicle streets.

What is a radial route?
The radial route is a travel route during which a tourist is on a tourist base, implementing a program of hikes and excursions from one tourist center. The radial route begins and ends at the same geographical location. Located in it, the tourist travels to other destinations, returning to the same place.

There will be very steep climbs, do you want to ride rather than bike sideways?
Routes are roads where 99% of the way can be traveled without getting off the bike. On the sixth and seventh day you will have to walk on the hills often.

Inappropriate questions and remarks: 7 years selection :)

– I will make the payment at the end of the tour, I may not like it.
– And how much more to go, and when we arrive, and how many kilometers (every 5 minutes)?
– Let’s better go to Hoverla.
– And why on this route the sun is shining in the eyes?
– Is it a waterfall? I’ve seen a waterfall!
– Why was my left body only sunburnt?
– And I didn’t know it would be difficult, I looked at the site – the photos are good.
– I do not want to go there, I was once there.
– There are no bike lanes here?
– I did not take sportswear, I will ride in jeans and leather.
– Can you not wear a helmet? I look funny in it.
– Give me one gear, I do not switch at home.
– I did not take warm clothes, I did not think that in the Carpathians in the summer it can be so cold.
– I don’t want a bike of that color.
– We do not want this, we will not, I have seen it, it is not interesting. Oh, why did we come back so fast?
– Well, what, a debt still?
– Let’s go faster, no slower, though.
– What are you talking to each other in your moron tongue?
– Can you rent a bicycle? Because my bike was a pity.
– Do you like to ride when it shakes?
– I have the best bike at home.
– Why does it rain, it will be long when it is over?
– And in the Alps, well-maintained cycle paths.
– You do not have a Soviet bicycle without these bells and whistles?
– We want to go to the mountains right away. Oh, well, those mountains, we’re back on the asphalt.

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Details and conditions of participation of radial cycling tours

Please do not bother riders, professional riders and scavengers.

Conditions of participation:

The price includes:
– Accommodation in green tourism estates (by hostel type) Photo
– Bicycle rental and equipment (helmet) bike rental
– Meals (breakfast, dinner) at the place of residence, sandwiches on the go
– Instructor support
– Accident insurance

The price does not include:
– Drive to Ivano-Frankivsk
– Travel from Ivano-Frankivsk to Mykulychyn – 65 UAH.
– Broken bicycle parts.
– Washing of a personal bicycle by a kercher – 30 UAH. \ one sink
– Firewood for barbecue – 50 UAH. \ one basket
– Heating (May-September) – 200 UAH. \one day
– Brewed coffee in turkey – 10 UAH. \ one potter
– Machine wash – 50 UAH. \ single download
Optionally during the tour:
– Entrance tickets to the Carpathian National Park, museums, aviaries – 20 UAH.
– Jump jump (rope jump) – 200 UAH. Video
– Carpathians in miniature park museum – 30 UAH. Photo
– Zip line (700 m) – 120 UAH. Video
Entertainment in Bukovel:
– The lift in Bukovel – 105 UAH.
– Water club – 350 UAH. Photo
– Lake of Youth in Bukovel – 55 UAH. Lake photo
– Bukovel Hills – 250 UAH. Video
– Bicycle park (on a Bukovel bike rental) Photo
At your request in your free time:
– Sauna 400 UAH \ 2 h. Sauna photo
– Chan 1000 UAH \ 2 h. Chan photo
– ATVs 800 UAH \ 1 hour
– Trip to the SUV (UAZ) mountains – 1000 UAH. Trip photo
– Beer and kvass tasting at the Hutsul beer 1l – 30 UAH. Brewery photo
– Bee therapy on the hive beds – 150 UAH \ 2 h.
– Fishing (trout) 1 kg. – 200 UAH.
– Rafting on the Black Cheremosh River 380 UAH \ 1 alloy (1-1,5 hours on water). Tours

List of equipment for radial cycling

We provide:
– Bike
– Read the helmet (required)

List of recommended personal items to take with you:
– Small backpack for personal belongings (20-30 l)
– Water bottle, hydropack or flask (0.5-1 l)
– Read the cycling gloves (strongly recommended)
– Bicycle or sunglasses
– Personal hygiene items
– Personal first aid kit (“favorite medicine”, warming ointment, sunscreen, etc.)
– Toiletries (hygienic lipstick, small bath towel in the river)
– Camera and charger
– Mobile phone and charger
– Photo sharing stick
– Thermos (also in summer)
– Favorite saddle, gel case, helmet (if any)
– Carriage seat (padder) designed not to sit in the cold.

Clothing (regardless of the season, wear warm clothes and change shoes)

• Cycling apparel gives you a sense of comfort and pleasure.

– If there are no cycling clothes:
It is advisable to wear bright or reflective vest so that the cyclist can be seen on the road for other road users.
• Shorts and sports pants 1-2 pairs
• T-shirts with short and long sleeves 1-2 pcs.
• Sun hat (Baff, bandana or other)
• Closed shoes with thick soles

– In case of cold, rain:
• Raincoat
• Lightweight jacket-storm
• Pants that are not blown
• Sport sweatshirt, fleece or fleece
• A pair of warm socks

– Set of clothes for rest:
• Underwear
• Socks
• Headgear – (cap or other)
• Bathing suit, small towel
• Light flip flops for rest and relaxation

Must have with you:

– Money
– Passport
– Good mood and desire to rest actively.

We reserve the right to make minor changes to the route depending on the weather conditions and the pace of the group.

Participation details:

1 . You fill out an online application for a tour participant. Only apply if you are firmly confident in your decision to participate in the deadline.

If you are more than one person, you need to fill in the application for each participant of the tour separately, and in the field “Comment” enter that you are together.

2. Within two business days, you will receive a pre-confirmation of participation in your email, which will indicate the availability of seats in the group. If you did not receive a response, please call our instructor: +38 050 221 99 44, Denis.

When booking this tour, it is required to make a prepayment of 750 UAH within 5 days after receiving the confirmation. and send a receipt photo or screenshot (screenshot, digital photo, scan copy) of the payment by e-mail – den.trof77@gmail.com You will receive all the contact details together with the preliminary confirmation.

Citizens of the EU member states pay a tour of – 30 euros / day, with their bicycle – 25 euros / day.

Prepayment is credited for the first day of the tour.

Only after receiving an advance payment will you be firmly booked in the group. If you are arriving by car or a much earlier arrival, you should call the organizers and warn about an early arrival.

3. Payment methods:

– Bank transfer of money to the PrivatBank card
– WesternUnion (if you are traveling from abroad)

Importantly! In case of cancellation, prepayment is not refundable!

4. Prepare the attire and personal belongings required to participate, according to the list.

5. Buy train tickets at such a rate that you will arrive on the day of the tour starting in the morning. It is better to arrive in Ivano-Frankivsk before 7:00 and get to the village. Mykulychyn. It is advisable to arrive in Mykulychyn before 9.00, because after breakfast and location in the green tourism estates at 10:00 the cycle tour begins.

6. You can reach by train to Ivano-Frankivsk. Take a shuttle bus to Bukovel, Vorokhta or Yasinya right by the train station. Ask the bus driver to stop in Mykulychyn near the church. Walk further 100 meters to the bike rental sign.

7. Bicycle payment is made on the first day of the tour after placement. Calculation in UAH. Extra nights stay before the bike tour, or after the tour without meals costs 150 UAH.

8. Further cycling takes place in accordance with your chosen Hutzul Ride cycle program: 2 days, 3 days, 5 days or 7 days. Return tickets on the evening of the end of the tour.

9. Initially, the cycle tour provides training and briefing on how to ride and behave in cycle tours, as well as safety rules. We choose bikes, adjust the saddles.

10. Cycling ends by 3:00 pm on the last day of a joint lunch at the residence. After that, the participants go home independently. Buses to Ivano-Frankivsk depart till 18:00. There is a commuter train at 16:30, arriving in Ivano-Frankivsk at 19:00. Return flights from Ivano-Frankivsk are best taken after 20:00. If you want to relax after a tour in the Carpathians, let us know in advance – we will help you to find the options!

11. Accommodation: during the cycling trip the accommodation is organized in the green tourism farms of the hostel type, with all the necessary amenities (TV, toilet, hot water shower, furniture needed). The owners of the estate live close by and have the right to make observations about the inappropriate behavior of the resident.

The girls and boys live in separate rooms (three to four people.). The “couple in love” will live in double rooms.

Description of the cottage on the basis of Veloride: on the ground floor there is a living-dining room (TV-SAT, a bed, a folding sofa, an electric kettle, a refrigerator, dishes), a bathroom (a shower, a toilet, a wash basin). Water supply: cold and hot constantly. Upstairs is a triple bedroom (double bed, sofa bed, wardrobe). photo of the cottage

In the yard there is a garden, a swing, a gazebo with barbecue facilities, a minisport site (horizontal bar, bars). Nearby is a river where you can swim, 500 m to the forest.

The main limitations are:
– The presence of diseases that make physical activity unacceptable.
– Kidney or heart failure.
– Age of participants under 14 years.
– For the duration of the tour are forbidden: drug use, profanity, leverage with negative consequences.
– Mental imbalance.

It is forbidden:
– Ride without a helmet.
– Do not fasten the helmet.
– Drive without holding the wheel.
– Listen to music in headphones.
– Long talking on the phone while cycling.
– After 23:00 sing, laugh out loud, shout.
– Trash.

From ₴4,200.00
per Adult

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